Individual Pensions

Individual pension schemes on a case by case basis.

Unlike most Independent Financial Advisers, our approach has been to avoid offering a standard financial services ‘jacket’ to fit all scenarios, instead we offer a highly personalised service, tailored to suit each individual client.

Furthermore, this is an ongoing process whereby the needs of each client are analysed and reviewed on a regular basis.

We are justifiably proud of our ‘live’ approach.

We provide a full service, which encompasses all of the individual pension areas. This includes:

  • Pension transfer comparison services.
  • Individual pre and post retirement planning.
  • Investment portfolio planning
  • Annuity recommendations.
  • Income drawdown planning.
  • Pension trusts.
  • Self-administered schemes.
  • Self invested personal pensions.
  • Pension funds for estate planning.
  • Pension property purchase.

Every individual is different and you will receive personal advice.

We will produce a no-obligation report to cover the advice relevant to your own circumstances.

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Personal Pensions